FAQ about using and caring for our cement tiles




Do you have detailed care instructions ?

 Laying and maintenance of cement tiles  (pdf)


Are D&G cement tiles difficult to keep clean ?

D&G cement tiles are not difficult to care for because they are already given a smooth, sealed surface during production. Our tiles are also given a surface treatment. Just to be on the safe side, add a stain-stopping agent before installation and then ordinary cleaning with a gentle floor soap will form a protective film on the surface over time. In the beginning, you can also polish the tiles with a machine to fill in the pores with floor soap. As with natural stone, you need to be careful with any acids as these can cause matt spots. But if that happens, you can still polish them out. 


Can D&G cement tiles be laid in a kitchen ?

D&G cement tiles can be laid without any problem in kitchens and other areas that have heavy traffic. It is also in these areas that you will find them in old houses. By cleaning the tiles with a gentle floor soap, a film will form over time to protect them. This process can be speeded up by polishing the tiles with a machine. In any event, we recommend shortly after laying the tiles that you apply a stain-stopping agent, which will form an invisible protective film and prevent grease stains from appearing. 


Can D&G cement tiles be laid in a bathroom ?

D&G cement tiles can certainly be used in the bathroom. They are pleasant to walk on in bare feet. Watch out for anti-limescale products, which can leave matt spots on the cement tiles.


Can D&G cement tiles be laid outside ?

According to official standards, cement tiles are not suitable for laying outside. Yet many of our customers have enjoyed years of good wear from cement tiles on their outdoor terraces. However, they will become rougher through external use. 



Can D&G cement tiles be used as a wall tile ?

Cement tiles can be used as wall tiles, for example for kitchen corners or shower walls. Use a stain-stopping agent in the kitchen. When the cement tiles are 10x10 in size, they are 10mm thick. In other sizes they are 16mm thick and weigh 35kg per m2. So make sure the wall is a sturdy one..


Do D&G cement tiles need special treatment after installation ?

Given that new cement tiles still have open pores, we recommend applying a stain-stopping agent after laying. This agent will form an invisible protective film on the tiles. Our preference goes to Akemi Nano Stain Stop, which is available from us. This stain-stopping agent is every effective and has no effect on colour of the matt finish.