FAQ about ordering tiles




Are all tiles in stock ?

We keep our most popular tiles in stock, but not all of them. If the tiles you want are not in stock or if it is a special order, you should take account of around 12 weeks' delivery lead time and more. 


What is the minimum order ?

The minimum order is 3m2 for goods available on stock and 10m2 for all othrers. 


What is the unit price ?

 Prices are calculated in euro per m2.


How many tiles are there to a m2 ?

At David & Goliath you only pay for the tile, not the gap.

Number of tiles per m2:

  • 10x10: 100 pieces/m2
  • 15x15: 44 pieces/m2
  • 20x20: 25 pieces/m2
  • 30x30: 11 pieces/m2
  • Hex 15: 52 pieces/m2
  • Hex 20: 28 pieces/m2



What is the ordering unit ?

The order unit is the packing unit. This varies for each size of tile: 

  • 15x15cm : 24 pieces per box
  • 20x20cm : 12 pieces per box
  • 30x30cm : 4 pieces per box
  • Hex 15 cm : 18 pieces per box
  • Hex 20 cm : 12 pieces per box
  • Plinthe 20x10cm : 32 pieces per box



How can I adjust colours ?

 If you wish to personalise the colours of a tile, the best thing is to do it via the Floorbuilder©. You can then order your design by e-mail. This prevents misunderstandings about the selected tile and colour.

See FAQ Floorbuilder©


How do I order tiles ?

The simplest thing to do is make a request via the website or in the showroom, giving details of the required tile, area to be covered and your details. We will then prepare a quote and send it through to you. By way of confirmation, we will ask you for a deposit, after which your order will go ahead.  


Can I send in a plan ?

Yes, please do. Then we can calculate the number of tiles needs, including cutting wastage. We cannot accept responsibility for any omissions.  


How much should I set aside for cutting wastage ?

Usually we calculate 5 to 10%, after which we round it up to the nearest order unit. 


How long does it take before I can get my tiles ?

If the tiles are in stock, they should be with you within a week. If the tiles are not in stock or are being specially made for you, the delivery lead time may be up to 12 weeks and more. 


Can I reserve tiles now and have them delivered later ?

Yes, you can. That way you can be sure of having the tiles when you need them and they are also not in your way. 


Do I need to pay a deposit ?

We ask for a deposit to confirm the order and the balance before the tiles are delivered.


How is payment made ?

Payment is by bank transfer or using the terminal in the store. 



What is the rate of VAT for tiles ?

VAT on tiles in Belgium is 21%. In some countries, a reduced VAT rate applies on renovation works (in Belgium 6%, in France 10%) if the tiles are being supplied and fitted by an official contractor. In that case, the tiles will be invoiced to the contractor, who will recover the difference in VAT. Deliveries within the EU outside Belgium to a customer with an official VAT number are VAT-exempt as intercommunity consignments.


Does my contractor have to order the tiles for me ?

Your contractor does not benefit from any special extra discounts. However, if you are renovating, he can supply and lay the tiles at 6% VAT.  If you purchase the tiles or wish to lay them yourself, you will pay 21% VAT.


Do I need to have chosen a contractor already when I order tiles ?

No, it is only at the time of delivery that the contractor's details are required to raise the invoice. Your contractor then pays the balance of the invoice and deducts your deposit to us from his final invoice.