Glazed lava kitchentop

Kitchen tablets in glazed lava stone are a unique artisan product that is also particularly user-friendly. It is natural stone that is cut to size and then glazed in an oven. The result is a rock-solid worktop that is insensitive to acids, fats or heat.


Everything starts with the natural stone. Lava stone, more precisely basalt, is processed to the correct dimensions like a classic kitchen tabletop in natural stone. But then there is a second phase: in several stages, a layer of glaze is now applied to the tablet, which is then baked in an oven at a very high temperature. The result is a lively surface with color shades and craquelure.


Standard lava slabs are 3cm but glazing more massive blocks is also possible. Keep in mind that basalt is a very heavy stone and glazing can only be done on solid pieces in one piece.

The dimensions of a tablet in 1 piece are limited to the size of the kiln, and the availability from the quarry.

Besides the classic blacks en whites, we can glaze in an endless range of colors. Lava stone is an artisan product. Imperfections in the surface or color variations and crackle are possible.