Terrazzo kitchentop

Terrazzo was popular in the early 20th century. It was an inexpensive alternative to natural stone and was often executed by Italian artisans. It consists of colored concrete with grains of natural stone that are sanded down. David & Goliath manufactures kitchen tablets terrazzo. The tablets are custom-made in the workshop and then placed on your kitchen furniture. The result is a worktop full of character that can take a beating.


David & Goliath only does kitchen counters, as well as sinks and other custom work, in real terrazzo. That means each project is unique and customized for the customer.

First, a color sample is made according to the customer's wishes. The color and size of the granules, their distortions and that in combination with the cement color, ensures that each project is unique.Then a formwork is made, mitred, and the mixture is poured into it.

After this concrete mixture has dried, it is sanded and polished in several stages until the desired look is achieved.


Everything starts from a good measurement of the tablet. The basic structure must obviously be solid so that the tablet can be carried. Large tablets without seams are possible but then transport and installation must also be feasable. In exceptional cases, the tablet is poured on site.