facade cladding

The use of glazed tiles for cladding is not new. Think of the colorful buildings in Lisbon and Porto. Also on the Belgian coast are many beautiful historic homes clad in glazed tiles.

The use of glazed tiles in facades is experiencing a revival. Partly because they can be glued to exterior insulation, which has technical advantages for both renovation and new construction. Moreover, colorful tiles offer many creative possibilities.

David & Goliath offers many glazed tile solutions, depending on the aesthetic wishes and technical requirements of the specific project. It is always about customization specific to a project.

Glazing is a craft.

Coincidentally, David&Goliath has a number of workshops that have mastered the craft of glazing. Unlike the large manufacturers, say the Goliaths, every project at David & Goliath is custom-made. Deep colors with shading, or a solid unique color customized, matte or glossy, anything is possible. Various sizes and 3D shapes are also among the possibilities. Furthermore, the technical specifications and standards that apply to facade cladding are of course taken into account.